Working together to save our youth and saving their future, through pre-trial diversion and intervention." 

Get Results Ministry, Inc. is a non-profit (501C3) organization founded for the sole purpose of keeping young males ages 6-14, who have committed minor crimes, from re-entering revolving doors of correction within our local and state penal systems; and to help them move from childhood into manhood respectively by providing a temporary non-secure residential home as an alternative to confinement or returning to dysfunctional family settings.  At Get Results Ministry, we want our home to be “A Home Away From Home” and help save juvenile offenders.

Most at risk youth are troubled and face problems too difficult for them to solve without help. Our goal at Get Results Ministry is to extend a helping hand by providing:

  • Temporary housing,for young male first-time offenders, for a 30 to 90 day stay, as deemed by the courts.
  • Assistance to young males in acquiring the necessary social and life skills for character development and self-esteem.
  • Help to reduce the return rate of re-entering the penal system.
  • Assistance to families of first-time offenders with parenting, career and life skills.     
  • Positive support, guidance and assistance to help first-time offenders perceive and achieve personal successes.
  • Guidance to positively impact the decision-making and critical thinking process of young first-time offenders. 
  • Life-long and applicable conflict resolution strategies and activities for social development.  
  • Emergency intervention.


According to the American Bar Association:

"Nationwide, too many children are needlessly placed in detention facilities and institutions which do not provide needed treatment and rehabilitative services...Instead, mandates require removal of children at younger and younger ages to the adult system where specialized services for these children are virtually nonexistent."

Our staff of trained professsionals has enormous compassion for this group of boys and their families. Therefore during this cruciial time in their lives, our team offers around the clock support and effective individualized action plans. We are contributing to building respectable young citizens and perserving safe neighborhoods and communities in the State of Georgia. 

"If you're visiting our website, maybe we share the same passion and vision to save our youth. Help us stop the revolving doors within the penal system, support Get Results Ministry, Inc."
Rev. Barriman Washington, Founder